For a little while, in the last week of May, we were all together. We were on the same team. Not for Covid19, but George’s Team.

We stood together, against dirty men.

In particular, we formed a line of solidarity against a dirty man wearing blue. Most of us agreed that there are bad men in every profession… preachers, lawyers, doctors…all professions are laced with evil humans. But this time, it was a man who had taken a vow to serve and protect. And we served witness to his evil intentions. Through the camera lens of a seventeen year-old girl, from where she stood on a sidewalk in Minnesota, we, the whole world, watched that dirty slug murder a defenseless man.

I cried when I heard George’s heartbreaking whimper for “mama”.

We hear about the murders in Chicago. We say we want something to be done about the statistics, but we go about our business and we wait for the next news cycle. It was different with George. We watched his murder, as it happened. It wasn’t just numbers in a news ticker. We saw life leaving a man. We heard him plead for breath.

We heard him say the words of a dying man, “mama”. And it did something to us. It changed us.

I’m angry. We are angry. And my gut reaction is the cop (he doesn’t deserve to be called “officer”), should be charged, tried and sentenced to serve his time in General Population, in the roughest prison Minnesota has to offer. Wherever that may be.

It felt like hope, in our brief moment… when we stood together, in the same battle, on the same field. Unified.

But then the looting began. The violence against innocent people was broadcast live, just as it had been with George. But we didn’t have sympathy for the violence. The violence feels like a another violation against George.

We watched mobs working in an animalistic frenzy, stealing from people who had nothing to do with the murder of George Floyd. Fighting each other. Attacking innocent bystanders.

Property was burned.

All in defamation of George.

We’re not all on the same battlefield any longer. That solidarity ended when men and women decided to behave criminally. When they chose to hurt innocent people.

I am still defending George Floyd.

I am still calling the cop a cold-blooded murderer.

But what’s happening in Minnesota has nothing to do with George Floyd.

No matter how anyone tries to paint it or tell the story, the looting and violence in Minneapolis is about criminals taking advantage of a man’s death. It’s about benefiting themselves, not fighting for justice.

This is violent criminal behavior being perpetrated by criminals, against people who have done no harm.

If the rioters are truly fighting for justice for George, why aren’t they protesting at the police stations? Or their Governor’s mansion? The state capitol?

The riots are not about George.

It’s about taking what doesn’t belong. It’s about getting away with stealing new TVs and cell phones.

MLKjr brought change without stealing. Without hurting others.

Without violence.

Without riots.

Animalistic behavior will not change anything. And it will not help the loved ones of George Floyd.

The rioters, and those defending them, further degrade George as a man. They disrespect him as a human.

And that is repulsive.

✨ Dear Floyd Family,

My heart is broken for you.

I am praying for you. May you find peace in your memories, and comfort in God’s love.

I’m am praying for justice.

May it be swift.

In Sympathy,


* George pleading for an end to violence.