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Book Trailer for Letters From A Whoremonger’s Wife


Justin Israel Waggoner did an awe inspiring work in developing, creating and directing this trailer for my book, Letters From A Whoremonger’s Wife.

Garrett Able, thank you for putting your voice to your letter….Remarkable job!

Christina Alexandersen, thank you for being such a great supporter and also for suggesting Justin for this project.

Thank you to the actors, while I don’t know your names, I am very appreciative of your time.

Letters From A Whoremonger’s Wife is available on Amazon, Createspace, Kindle and Nook and can be ordered from your local bookstore.


Letters From A Whoremonger’s Wife – the book

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Letters From A Whoremonger’s Wife, a story of abuse and an addiction to adultery, is now available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers as well as

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