The owner of the Ok Cafe was bullied into removing a piece of art that has been displayed in the restaurant for years. The art in question is a wooden representation of the (former) Georgia state flag.

I was so disappointed to read that my favorite restaurant had become the target of groups obsessed with a flag that flew in a war that ended in 1865.

I wondered if the bullies have any clue. The name, The OK Cafe, comes from the book To Kill A Mockingbird. An autograph of author Harper Lee hangs on the wall of the restaurant.

The book, TKAM, was written by Lee, a southern woman, and published in 1960. She covers racial inequality, injustice and racial profiling in the book. The character of Attorney Atticus Finch is based on her own father. A man who fought injustices in Alabama courtrooms when it was dangerous for a white man to do so.

In her real life, growing up in her small Alabama town, Harper’s best buddy was a gay man, Truman Capote. In the 1950s and 60s. Do you understand what that implies? She was not one to be bullied into making choices based on other people’s opinions.

Aside from having the best food and sweet iced-tea in Atlanta, Ok Cafe has always employed a very diverse staff. The wooden flag has never prevented their multi-hued wait staff from earning above average tips.

Nor has it prevented team members of the Atlanta Falcons, the ATL Hawks and the Atlanta Braves from being frequent customers.

But the OK Cafe is fighting back in the most beautiful way. They will make Lemonade and Lemon Pie from this sour experience. And you can bet it will be superb. Their plan is to auction the carved artwork and donate the proceeds to the Atlanta Police Department. The spirit of Harper Lee must surely live at the Ok Cafe.

Please don’t misunderstand….I’m not upset that the source of conflict was a flag. The only flag important to me is this one 🇺🇸. I’m upset that self-absorbed bullies can force businesses and individuals to give in to irrational demands and force them into submission.

One day, the very people forcing their ideology on others, will be forced into submission themselves.

That’s how anarchy works.

God Bless America,