It’s true that the military get to eat MREs (meals ready to eat) when they’re activated and deployed. They don’t go hungry.

But the fundraiser Lindsey set up isn’t about food. It’s about showing appreciation for the men and women who are in the middle of this homeland war, fighting to safely get America back on it’s feet, up and running.
I ask you to please consider making a small donation to show them your appreciation.

The fundraiser will also help an American, Georgia based business, Waffle House.
Since their beginning, Waffle House has never closed. But now many of their locations are closing their doors at 2PM. I heard that over 700 of their restaurants have shut down. The servers who still have a job aren’t making the tips they usually make. This fundraiser will help some of them as well.
As my nephew Justin Clark said: “China did what Mother Nature was never able to do… shut down Waffle House”.

For those of you who have already donated, Thank you!
Because of you, we are only $615 away from the goal.β™₯️