My Dear Americans,

Be mindful of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Don’t simply wave her off as a nut-job.

The far-left is using her, pushing her. Just like they have done in the past. But they are much more bold and dangerous this time.

Last night, a news person said if AOC ran for president right now, she would win.

Netflix just paid $10 million to tell her story:

*Knock Down the House

Let that title sink in.

The Left is making sure she stays front and center, in the news.

They are counting on intelligent Americans to ignore her because “she’s young… she’s an idiot…she’s dumb….she’s clueless…”.

There are those in our current government who need a pawn in office. One they can control and manipulate. AOC is their perfect candidate/weapon.

Here’s a bit from her New Green Deal. Which is being endorsed by the current 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates:


“needs some “clear goals and a timeline.”

The timeline predicts ten to twelve years.


▪️Eliminate Nuclear Energy.

AOC plans to eliminate nuclear power. She wants it banned within 11 years. This would destroy America’s energy generation.

No worries, just rely on intermittent wind for your energy needs.

▪️Say goodbye to your cars and trucks.

Your chainsaws too! The GND will eliminate 99% of all vehicles. Imagine who will be the owners of the remaining 1%. That’s right… the Socialist Government Officials.

Not sure what we’ll do with all the metals, glass and rubber from our vehicles. Because our current ways of recycling will not be approved by the GND.

Remember this… AOC states she would like to replace every “combustion-engine vehicle”. Again, that’s your trucks, airplanes, boats, and cars. Within ten-twelve years.

Charging stations for electric vehicles will be built “everywhere,”. But how we will provide the energy needed to charge them is unknown.

▪️The Green New Deal

calls for the elimination of all fossil fuel energy production. This includes all oil and natural gas.

▪️Demolish and rebuild every building and structure in America.

Cortez plans to “retrofit every building in America” with “state of the art energy efficiency.” Yes.. she said “Every building in America.” What does that encompass? Every home, school, factory, hospital, church, and apartment building, and every other structure in the country. (Airports won’t matter, because airplanes and air travel will be eliminated).

▪️Emphasis on air travel.

She wants to end air travel. Friends, think about what that means. America will essentially be cut off from the rest of the world. And even from other Americans.

GND calls for building a “highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary.”

… this means that Hawaiians, Puerto Ricans, and Alaskans living in remote areas are out of luck. Sorry! But really though… AOC ain’t sorry.

▪️A guaranteed GOVERNMENT employment.

The AOC-GND resolution promises the United States government will provide every single American with a job. That job will have benefits too: a “family-sustaining wage, family and medical leave, vacations, and a pension.”

How’s she going to pay for it? You, dear one. It’s you.

But if you don’t like working and paying taxes, you’re in luck! GND will pay “salaries” to those “unwilling to work” (AOC’s words not mine).

▪️She wants to educate you. Free Education! AOC promises free university or trade schools for every American, for life.

Who wants to take bets on who gets to decide what your field of study will be?

▪️She wants to feed you.

The GND promises the government will provide “healthy food” to every American.

Americans, are you reading those words carefully?

Food from the government. Not stores. Not farmers.

We should ask Venezuelans and citizens of the former USSR how that works.

▪️A House

AOC and the GND promises you a house. The government will provide, “safe, affordable, adequate housing” for every American citizen. Everyone of us.

Key word here is “adequate”. You won’t get to choose your house. The government will choose it for you.

If you’re single, living in the three bedroom home you built and raised your family in… the home you paid for… Well now, you know? You don’t really need that much space. Why do you need a 3 bedroom house when there’s only one of you? Pack it up. The government will move you to an efficiency apartment (of their choice), and give your home to someone who deserves/needs it more than you do.


The GND will provide “economic security” for all who are “unable or unwilling” to work. Unwilling. Why is she being so generous to those who choose to not work?

Good question…

– Because AOC wants you to be 💯 dependent on the government.

▪️Kill the Cows🐄🐂

Ocasio-Cortez admits that simply by eliminating beef from our diets, won’t actually help us achieve zero emissions. According to AOC: “because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast.” (Not my words. Hers.) The only way to get rid of farting cows is… well… PETA might have something to say about that. But again, no worries. AOC will dismantle PETA.

AOC wants a full, dominating government. Don’t think for a minute that “it will never happen in the USA”.

That’s exactly what every Socialist country in history thought.

Until it did.

▪️Something to contemplate…

Take into account all companies and jobs that would be killed, with rendering the airline industry obsolete:







•Multiple airports in all 50 states and territories.

•Airport Stores, restaurants and vendors

•City employees based at airports (police officers, firemen, security guards,

public transportation)


•Jet fuel companies

•Airline Food Service Caterers

•Airport Custodians

•Rental Car employees

•Asphalt Companies

Americans, please take AOC seriously.

Your future may very well depend on it.

May God Bless and Protect America, 🇺🇸