“Just getting through the Holidays will be a victory.”

Several years ago, someone said this to me…

That year, my divorce was finalized the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Then came December. I had no income, everything about my life was up in the air. I didn’t know where I would be living in a few weeks, much less how I would purchase Christmas gifts for my kids. A Christmas Tree was out of the question. Christmas, usually my favorite time of year, had become a heavy weight on my back.

When those words were spoken to me, by a 19 year old girl who had recently experienced her parent’s divorce, I felt the Earth shift just a little. I held onto her encouragement, and at the end of each day, I quietly declared victory.

I remember breathing a deep sigh of relief, the morning after Christmas Day. My kids had survived the Holidays. And I had too.

And so will you.

One day you’ll wake up on the other side of all of this.

Until then, count each day as a victory.