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January 2018


Some days are better than others. Through God’s grace and mercy, I hope your better days outnumber your bad days.

No matter how bad a day gets….most of us manage to pick up and move forward. We carry on. Even though, on some days, it takes Herculean effort to do so.  I think those efforts should be recognized.

A few years ago, my friend Cindy Harter Sims (Cindy Harter Photography) posted a daily photo of something she was thankful for….something she captured during her day, with her camera. She did this every day, for two years. She called her project, The Good Stuff. I looked forward to her daily posts. Sometimes I participated in her project, other times, I was an observer.

She’s doing it again this year, and I’ve decided to participate. Fully. Because I have so much to be thankful for. I witness an abundance of goodness, yet daily, I fail to recognize most of the Good Stuff. I find that, often, I focus on the things I can’t control, rather than the things I experience that are so, so good. Or, I may remember an adventure, without remembering the individual, beautiful moments of the day. I wish to improve on this…
Also, currently, someone close to me is losing memory. My dad wants to remember the good stuff. I want to remember.  Don’t we all?

So, for these reasons, and more, I’m joining Cindy’s project in 2018. I’ll be a Memory Keeper. Photos and music help keep memories alive, I’ll post my Good Stuff photos here, and on my Danita Clark facebook page:

I hope you’ll share your photos and daily memories with me.


Day 1
Today, I’m grateful for my visiting grandpup, Bogey!
I’m feeling a bit under the weather, and he’s staying close, as if he understands.

good stuff

Day 2

Garrett stopped by this morning. While he was here, he took my trash to the large can in the garage. It may seem an insignificant act. But to me, it’s a tremendous gesture. Before I had any physical limitations, I failed to appreciate my abilities. Who in the world counts thinks of trash when thinking about the Good Stuff? Who declares to be thankful to take a bag of garbage to the garage? I never gave it a second thought. Not until it became a troublesome task, one that requires planning and strategy …. assessing size, weight, balance… “will the size throw me off balance and cause me to stumble? Is it light enough for me to lift? What if the mayo jar breaks as I’m clumping down the steps?”

Today, I had two bags. And I had let the first one get too full, too heavy. I was dreading the task of transferring some items from bag 1, to bag 3.

In one swift motion, Garrett was able to pick up all the bags of rubbish, and take it on his way out the door; his arms were loaded with other things too… Samantha’s Christmas and birthday gifts that were still here, a duffel bag full of clothes, a dog leash.

I’m always grateful for my children, today I’m very grateful for Garrett’s act of kindness. That’s the Good Stuff for sure.

 Day 3

Recently, Instacart began grocery deliveries in my rural area. What a blessing it has been!
Today, it was very cold in North Georgia, and I didn’t want to leave my warm house. It was truly Good Stuff to be able to log on, order, and set a time, of my choosing, for my groceries to be delivered to my house…. and brought inside.

I almost feel like I’m a city dweller. 😊

Day 4

These two are my Good Stuff today! Humphrey and Bogey, a Band of Brothers… always ready for a treat.7A676C4D-7AED-4351-9A27-2AB91FF68191.jpeg


Day 5

This is my very good, Good Stuff today. I had never heard of this young woman until today, but has she ever reminded me of the many promises of Good Stuff from my Father, the Creator.









Day 6

This photo is a screenshot from a televised news report.

A few days ago, I wrote a blog article about a friend, her deceased husband, and the Georgia Bulldogs. I titled the article:
The Bulldog’s #1 Fan

Somehow, an Atlanta news channel read the article and contacted her. I hadn’t told Pam in advance that I was writing the article. She was shocked and so was I, when the reporter called her. Understandably, she was slow to believe the call from Channel 11 was anything other than a prank call.

But it wasn’t a prank. The segment aired today and will air again tonight.

The Good Stuff from this has been watching others cheer for the Dawgs, because they want this National Championship win for Pam and Chip. ♥️🖤



Day 7

One of my favorite things is a clean house. Clean is not my current situation. But I’m getting there…

My good stuff today is having almost all the holiday decorations put away.


Day 8

This sweet bundle of love has been the Good Stuff all week, but especially today. He’s been good for my soul.
His parents will be home later tonight.
I’ll miss him, even though he lives right next door!



Day 9

My Good Stuff today is a gift card.
My son and daughter-in-law gave me a gift card for Christmas. After a very long day, I was happy to go through Zaxby’s drive through, and not worry about cooking dinner. 🐥
Yay for all the Good Stuff!


Day 10

This is truly the Good Stuff.

This morning I received a Congratulatory email from the home based company I work with. Today is my 4 year anniversary.
This day for years ago was a big step, and a big sacrifice for me. I had saved for two months, so that I could have $45 (yes, it took 2 Months to save Forty-five dollars), to start my skin care business.

Prior to that day, my life had fallen apart. Life had been falling down around me for years, but 4 years prior, it had finally crumbled.
For four more years, I had been dependent on family and friends to survive. I was tired of being a burden to people.
During those four desperate years, an old friend kept telling me I could change my life through the business she was working with. I didn’t believe her.
But one day, I knew I had to try. As they say, “nothing changes if nothing changes”.

January 10 was a turning point in my life.


Day 11

The Good Stuff…. This week, I’m supposed to be doing the Daniel Fast with a friend. I backslid today.
But it sure tasted good!



Day 12

After Thanksgiving, I found this Diet, Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale at Kroger. It is so good, and quenches thirst in just the right way.
This was can #12… out of 12.
I savored it.
It was my Good Stuff today.


Day 13

I’ve been waiting on the FedEx guy all day, and he finally showed up at 6:56. I could have hugged him!
This stuff is comfort to my lips, and I’ve been out for two weeks.
It’s the Good Stuff. 💋

#Redefine #LipRenewingSerum


Day 14

Today, straightening up my dining room, I was reminded that God even cares about our most insignificant wishes. And that is Good Stuff.

I love JR Cooper Pottery, and have been gathering pieces of his art since my late twenties.

I also love the work of Mr. Cooper’s teacher and mentor, W. J. Gordy. But I’ve never been able to justify the price of a Gordy purchase.

Several years ago, I accompanied someone to a couple’s home, friends of a friend. The friends were remodeling an old home, and were in the midst of clearing the house of items left behind.

As we sat on their back porch, enjoying the spring weather, the wife turned to me and said, “I went through a trash can that had been left in the yard. Don’t ask me why I went through garbage, because I don’t know! But in the can I found two Gordy mugs. I’m using the one with the broken handle, I like the way it fits in my hand. Would you like the other mug? It’s in perfect condition.”



Day 15

The older two stopped by today. They are the good stuff.
Life for them is different these days, and I’m thankful they are still with us. Our family is fortunate in that regard.

* The longest married couple in our family, and the most recent newlyweds.
Photo courtesy of Cindy Harter Sims


Day 16

The last 24 hours have been tough. I had a hard time even thinking about a Good Stuff Photo today.
But I looked around and found something good, draped across my legs… and this is it. A quilt my mom gave me a few years ago.
It’s soft and comforting, and feels kind of like a hug.



Day 17

* I didn’t take this photo, and this isn’t my house.

I don’t know when this happened, but someone placed a protective cover over my outside water faucet, to keep the pipe from freezing!
I had been so concerned, because I knew it needed a cover, but the location of the faucet is difficult for me to get to.

Someone saw a need, and took care of it. Without fanfare or seeking recognition. That’s really Good Stuff!



Day 18

For a long time, my brother was unable to do things most of us take for granted.

The last two years, he’s made tremendous effort to improve his life. This year, for the first time in his adult life, I believe, he went Christmas shopping. He’s 53 years old. He was so happy to surprise us with gifts. This is one of the gifts I received from his. But his presence was the best present of all

He calls me almost daily, just to say hello. That’s the Good Stuff.


Day 19

Today, I realized how really good it is to have a washer and a dryer… and a home. It is truly the Good Stuff…

I had to go to Big Mama’s Coin Laundry, because my comforter is too big for my machine.
I dreaded going. But the laundry facility wasn’t bad at all. And I learned a lesson in gratitude while waiting for my comforter to wash. From inside a warm place, I watched a homeless man…. it was so obvious that he was homeless… walk the sidewalk outside, looking in trash bins. Scanning the sidewalk for change. He pushed an old bicycle, loaded down with stuff. Probably his whole life, hanging from that old bike. He was dirty, his hair was everywhere; he was not wearing a coat. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, and he caught me looking. I know I saw shame, embarrassment in his eyes. And it broke my heart, I’m still aching for this man. I’m praying he has a warm place to sleep tonight.



Day 20

Today I got to celebrate my sweet friend, Susan. (By the way, her heart is as beautiful as her face!) She’s lived in NC the last 18 years, but this weekend she’s in Atlanta.

Her friendship is the good stuff.



Day 21

The Good Stuff today was spending a Sunday afternoon with friends, and singing a duet with Ray on the drive home.



Day 22

My Good Stuff today was in the form of a text message early this morning, from one of my longest friends. We’ve been friends since we were 8 years old. She moved away from the area a few years ago, and she isn’t on Facebook, or any other form of social media. She had no way of knowing that I’ve been dealing with a difficult situation, pertaining to the very thing she mentioned in her text.



Day 23
The lady in red is one of my mentors. I’ve learned so much from this little dynamo! She’s the good stuff.

Day 24

Today’s Good Stuff is technology. 
I was able to have a live, face to face meeting, with friends in different parts of the country… without leaving my kitchen #JustLikeTheJetsons



Day 25

This week I’ve been so busy, I’ve had no time to spare. Late in the afternoon , I finally found some breathing room… so I settled on my sofa and lit a candle. This candle was a gift to me from
Angela Howard White and her girls… Christmas 2016. I burn it at least twice a week, and it still has lots of Good Stuff left in it!


Day 26

I don’t have a curio cabinet, so extra special items find a home in my China cabinet.

In the past couple of years, each visit with my great-aunt, my only living great-aunt, ends with her asking me to “wait right there just a minute”. She leaves the room and returns a few minutes later with a gift, something she wants me to have. A recent gift was these little bottles you see here… a Coke, a Pepsi, and a Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. The bottles were on display in my great-grandmother’s Knick-knack cabinet my entire life. They were a gift to her from my grandpa. As a kid, I longed to have those little bottles. I finally have them.

The dark urn, painted with the likeness of sea turtles, is a gift from my son, a treasure he brought home from Costa Rica when he was 15.

Little treasures that trigger memories are Good Stuff.



Day 27

*I didn’t take the photo.

One of my dearest friends lost her only grandchild two years ago. Since that time, because of the Cardinal Legend, seeing one at her window has given her joy and peace.

This morning, she phoned to tell me about her doctor’s visit. I saw her name on my phone’s screen and answered. As I said hello, I looked out my kitchen window, and in that very moment, a beautiful Cardinal flew onto my back deck and sat on the rails.

When she finished telling me about her visit with the doctor, I told her about my little visitor. 
She took it as a good sign, and so did I.

That’s Good Stuff!

Image may contain: bird

Day 28

My Good Stuff came by way of St. Augustine today… a visit from my great-niece and great-nephew, and their mommy and daddy.




Day 29

Even baby steps are the Good Stuff. I’m hoping to regain some leg strength and ankle flexibility, and right now, this home-office companion is my workout buddy.


Day 30

I’ve been at my computer all day. But there is a big window behind me, and every time I looked up, I saw the beautiful day we were given.

Really good stuff.





Day 31🎉

The good thing about being a terrible sleeper, is you get to see things you might otherwise miss while in deep slumber. Like the Blue Moon this morning. I woke and thought I had slept longer than normal, because my room was filled with a soft light. An unusually bright, soft light. I got up and looked out the window, and saw the beautiful moon looking back at me, peeking through tree branches (I had not heard we were to have a Blue Moon this morning).
Unfortunately, I took in the moon and all its peacefulness, but I didn’t take a photo. I thought about it, but I didn’t want to take the time to get my phone. Later, when I thought of all the people who missed seeing this moon, I regretted my decision.
I’m sorry I don’t have a photo for you today….
but in honor of the Blue Moon, here’s this:



The Bulldog’s #1 Fan

The Dawgs had an unseen assist in the Rose Bowl.

I met Pam Bowman when I was a Delta Delta Delta pledge, a hundred or more lifetimes ago. Bowman, as the Sisters called her, was to be feared. According to the Sisters, she would rip you to shreds if you messed up, and no infraction went unseen:  failed a test, partied too much, didn’t party enough, went out with the wrong guy, behaved in ways unbecoming to the Sisterhood. Whatever it was, Bowman would know, she would deal with you, and it would not be pretty.

Each pledge was granted a meeting with her, I don’t remember it being an optional encounter, but maybe it was. Either way, the meeting was to learn more about what was expected of us, academically and socially, as Tri Delta pledges. I had heard of her before I met her, and what I heard would make Scarlet O’Hara quake in her riding boots. I was expecting to meet Cinderella’s evil stepmother’s younger sister. Or Snow White’s evil Queen.
My appointed time arrived, and I braced myself before entering the meeting room. To my surprise, there was no evil queen in there. What I found was a beautiful, statuesque blonde, a bright, friendly smile, and Southern grace. She was a straight shooter, no doubt. But I respected and appreciated that about her, immediately.

My second year, I transferred to an out of state school, and I never came across Pam again. Not until Social Media became a thing. There are some good things about facebook, and reconnecting with old friends is one of the good things.

Pam and I became “Facebook Friends” five or six years ago. I have loved catching up with her, I had thought of her often over the years and wondered how she had fared in life. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her family through her stories and photos. I especially loved hearing about her husband’s love of the Georgia Bulldogs. She has some good stories. Funny stories. But last year, Chip, Pam’s husband, suddenly, without warning, passed away.
This past fall, Pam mentioned him often, during Georgia’s march to the West Coast and the Rose Bowl. On New Year’s Eve, the eve of the Rose Bowl, she posted something that is worthy of print.

From Pam, December 31, 2017 / 10:52AM

“As many of you know my husband, Chip passed away this year from a heart attack and UGA Dawg cancer. He lived his entire life with a severe case of stage four Dawg cancer. One good thing, even though there was not a cure for Dawg cancer, there was treatment. He knew EVERYTHING there was to know about the Dawg football program from way back in the day until the day he died. One of the worst cases of Dawg cancer I have ever seen. Plus he knew every stat about every UGA sports team. He even watched old games. He saved those games. That’s bad. If they’d had a poker team, he would have even known about that program and stats as well. It was incredible. An extremely bright man. For the family, the aftereffects of a Dawg chemo treatment was either real nasty or real good. If they won, he was ecstatic. If they lost, he would not speak to anyone for almost a week. No kidding. If they played so so or not up to their potential, he didn’t have very much enthusiasm. He hung in there whether the Dawgs had a good or bad season for 59 years. Anyone that knew Chip, was well aware of the fact he did not talk much. To know him was to love him. He was a very quiet and introspective person. One of those type of people, that when he did talk, you’d jerk your head around in disbelief and listen. I spoke more than enough for the both of us anyway. One thing he always said was that the year he died, the Dawgs would win the National Championship. Just to make him mad. Me, Matthew  and Kathleen knew when the season started, this would be the year. Come on DAWGS. #godawgs #UGAgrad #forchopper #forchipprengaman ”


By the way, the University of Georgia won the Rose Bowl. #GoDawgs 

Do it one more time, on January 8, 2018.  #forChipPrengaman




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