When I went to work for Delta, other employees said to me, “the airline gets in your blood”. It didn’t take long to understand what they were talking about. The airline becomes your Professional Family; co-workers become your extended family and some become close friends. I’ve been away from Delta for a few years now, but it still feels like family to me. Even outside the campus borders and aircraft of your own airline employer, one feels a connection to the employees of other airlines. We understand the dynamics of getting an aircraft in the air…the coordination it takes to depart on time and arrive on the other side of the globe…on time.

And on rare occasion, we have the unenviable, personal understanding of disaster in the air. It is during those times that airline employees across this nation come together to assist the passengers and crews of their sister airlines…in a way that no one else can understand. Every air tragedy is treated as if our own family was onboard the aircraft.

While at Delta, I experienced several:

Value Jet
Swiss Air
September 11, 2001

In the event of air disaster, Delta trained us on how to act…what to say…what not to say…to the families we assisted. Still, the best training in the world does not prepare you for the emotional leveling of such an encounter.

So today, I’m praying for the passengers onboard the Boeing 777, Malaysia Air Lines flight. I’m praying for peace to cover their families and their friends.

And I’m saying prayers for my airline brothers and sisters, who are on the front lines today and everyday.
Godspeed to each of you. May He protect you and cover you with His mercy, today and always.

Much love,