This weekend, we’re honoring my Sweet Lindsey; celebrating her accomplishments. In case you haven’t had the privilege to know her yet, please let me tell you a bit about her:

She came to the world a healthy, nine pound bundle of sweetness with eyes that sparkled like sapphires and diamonds. A few months after she was born, she laughed out loud for the first time…and it was contagious. To this day, when friends ask about Lindsey, they mention her laugh:

“I love her laugh.”
“I’ll never forget her laugh.”
“I would know her laugh anywhere.”
“I smile when I hear that laugh.”

I love her laugh too. It can lift my spirits on the gloomiest of days.

Catharine Lindsey is the essence of determination and perseverance. For example…I took her roller-skating for the first time when she was two and a half-years old. A few times around the rink holding my hand was enough for her to determine she could skate without my assistance. So I obliged and skated a couple of feet behind her. I was in awe of that little girl in the pink overalls and bob-cut skating in front of me. Cautiously, slowly she moved around the rink; every now and then she bravely lifted a little hand in greeting to a fellow skater. Later that afternoon, the rink DJ announced a race around the rink and Lindsey wanted to participate. How could I say, “Not yet, I don’t think you’re ready” without disappointing or crushing her spirit? I couldn’t tell her no, so I said OK and stepped in line with her. She was having none of it. “No Mommy. I skate by myself.” I was petrified, but so very proud of her confidence, so I told her to stay close to the side of the rink and I backed away. The race began and off she went….slowly shuffling along. I watched her back as she moved forward, terrified that someone would knock her down or that she would fall and a skater would roll over her. But I also stood in amazement at her independence. Before she made it to the top of the rink, the other skaters had made several turns and the race had ended. By the time she made the top turn, names of the race winners had been called and the music indicating Free Style skating had resumed. Experienced skaters whizzed by her, but she wasn’t phased. She kept moving forward. She made her final stretch with the biggest grin you have ever seen on the face of a little girl. “I did it Mommy! I did it!” Yes you did Little Lindsey…you never gave up.

And that’s how it’s been with her. She has pushed through and persevered, never giving up. Even when it seemed the tunnel had no light at the end; a never ending void, she sojourned on. Lindsey completed her degree from Kennesaw State University while experiencing some of the greatest hardships anyone could ever imagine. And she did it while working, sometimes two jobs, sometimes full time…but always working. I’m so proud of her. Even more proud than that day at the roller-rink.

So here’s to my Sweet Girl… a huge round of applause and a standing ovation for a job well done!