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October 2013

When the King Wasn’t Looking, I Jacked His Crown


When the king wasn’t looking, I jacked his crown .” That’s what Garrett said to me as he handed me a photo of his date from the night before. A photo of his date wearing a king’s crown. I laughed. It was to be expected…typical Garrett behavior. The young man can create mischief and fun in an empty phone booth. As a boy, “Time Out” didn’t work for him, as it had for Lindsey. Garrett always found a way to entertain himself while standing in a corner. Therefore, and to his dismay, more drastic measures had to be taken with him than with his sister. But he survived.

G continued to describe the events from the Cherokee Arts, Night Under the Lights Ball and I laughed some more. Afterwards, when the story telling was done, his phrase, “When the king wasn’t looking, I jacked his crown “, looped through my mind. I thought of how easily we become distracted and lose things. Our focus shifts from one thing to another, and we lose some more. Or how, many times, we’re so preoccupied with one thing, that we don’t see the thief as it approaches…giving opportunity to take something of value from us. The thief can look innocent enough. It can even look good. But, if you’re spending time with a thief, and this is true with all thieves, eventually something you value is going to come up missing. Your thief may be a job that steals time from loved ones or a love interest who steals your study hour and your good grades. Your thief may look like a bad habit…a cigarette, stealing your health; alcohol mixed with automobiles, stealing your life.

In truth, too much of anything can be a thief, even if it’s good in small increments: football, baseball, television, golf, the internet, your iPhone…whatever it is, if it steals time from the important things in life…the humans in your life…then take a step back and adjust the timer.

Don’t let it jack your crown.


End Note: The crowns were returned to His Majesty and His Queen before the Ball was over.


Oct28 021

If There Is Anything a Man Can Do Well, Let Him Do It

Matt Forun

Matt Laughridge Sept10 022

“If there is anything a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance”. Abraham Lincoln
Had you attended the Political Forum, hosted by WBHF Radio 1450, in Cartersville, Georgia last evening…and if your hope for the future of this country has been fading…as mine has….I believe your hope would have been rekindled…as it was with me.

The forum was held in Cartersville at the impressive Grand Theater. Three of the five candidates for the open Georgia State Senate District 14 seat, participated:

Matt Laughridge: Cartersville, GA, Age 25
Dwight Pullen: Canton, GA, age 53
Christopher Nesmith: Adairsville, GA, age 42

Two candidates chose not to attend the public forum:

Bruce Thompson: White, GA, age 48, was originally scheduled to attend, but called to decline yesterday afternoon. His reason for withdrawing from the discussion was “previous commitments”.
Nicole Ebbeskotte: Woodstock, GA, age 42, declined early in the scheduling process.

Entering the classically attired lobby of the Grand, proudly wearing a bright red Matt Laughridge For State Senate tee-shirt, I walked in knowing exactly which man will get my vote on November 5. It was a “no brainer”, as some say. Matt is a brilliant businessman; he believes in our Constitution and will fight to uphold our rights. Matt was educated in the local city schools of Bartow County; he has a passion for an improvement in the total education process; he wants the Georgia Educational system updated and enriched for both student and educator. As a former student and as a business person, Matt understands the importance of success and excellence in the classroom. Matt views his former public school teachers and administrators with the highest regard. His desire is that teachers, the men and women on the ground and in the frontlines of the classrooms, have the freedom to teach to the individual student. As a business owner, Matt has experienced firsthand the importance of instilling solid work ethics and study habits in a child from an early age. He realizes the essential pre-requisite to substantial employment later in life, is teaching and training our students to work and support themselves, with dignity, so they aren’t dependent upon our government for meager support.

As stated previously, I walked into the Grand Theater knowing I would vote for Matt Laughridge. It’s the way I walked out that took me by surprise. This young man, that young American, sat up there with the same fortitude, determination, respect and resiliency that I imagine our Founding Fathers possessed when they were laying the groundwork for this country. While the other candidates, twice or nearly twice his age, filled up space with the liberal use of words, Matt’s answers were precise. When asked by one of the other candidates how he felt about a group which has no bearing locally, Matt reiterated that his focus and attention will be to the state of Georgia and the constituents of District 14. After a bit of dialogue, the third candidate agreed with Matt. And though I wasn’t surprised by it, I was most impressed with his demeanor and the respectable way he presented himself. While the two older candidates seemed to become frustrated and blusterous at times, Matt remained level, composed. He was the exemplification of the type of Legislator Georgia needs.

At one point during the forum, Matt quoted Abraham Lincoln: “I walk slowly, but I never walk backward”. In other words, Matt will be deliberate in his forward walk with Georgia and the Constituents of District 14. He will put forth the effort and take the time to discover what is best for Georgia and her people. Matt will walk us towards a better educational system, a more efficient transportation system and an increased opportunity for higher salaried employment.

On November 5, 2013, I’m walking forward with Matt Laughridge.


Matt Laughridge Sept10 020

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