Many of you know the talented Christina Alexandersen…and if you know her, you know her heart is pure, her spirit gentle. Chrissy does much for many, and doesn’t expect anything in return. She is a friend to young and old, she offers a helping hand before being asked. On October 20th, we have a chance to help Christina….she has been given an amazing opportunity to study Dance and Missions in Italy. However, the program and living expenses will be quite costly. Chrissy is working hard and saving her dollars (while taking her college classes), but time is running close…So, on the 20th, there will be 2 benefit concerts, one at 3PM and the other at 7PM, to help Chrissy raise funds. There will be singers, dancers, actors, food, an auction….and more. The event will be held at the 4H Center in Cartersville, admission will be $2.00.  Whether you know Chrissy or not, please consider attending this event in support of her effort.  If you can’t attend, but want to help, please contact me via my Facebook inbox:
The photo posted below is of Christina on pointe for the first time in a couple of years. Here is the message she posted, along with the  photo this past July, 2012: ” 2 years ago I put on these shoes the night before December 23 for what I thought would be the last time (because that is what I was told by the doc). But after much prayer and many dreams, I knew it was time to just get over my fear and go for it because God is the ultimate healer! Today I put them on and could feel Jesus in the room, it was invigorating 🙂