By 1977 I no longer called myself an Elvis fan….not publicly, anyway.  The music of Bad Company, Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Eagles, Chicago, Marvin Gaye, Cheap Trick, 38 Special…looped loudly through my 8 Track Player. Yet I could never walk away or turn the dial when the smooth as velvet sound of Elvis’ crooned to me from the local AM station. Something about his voice mesmerized me; his tone was sad and lonely, happy and full of promise; all at once. I had heard that voice my whole life. Even then, in 1977, my dad still played old Elvis LP’s on the home stereo.

Then came August 16, 1977. I remember where I was and what I was doing when I first heard the news.

How could that beautiful voice become forever silent?

Turns out…it wouldn’t. It could not be silenced. Thirty-five years after his death, the voice of Elvis is still heard everyday, around the world. Little children, some who still had unborn parents in 1977, know his name and his music. Who was this man….that he would have that kind of lifeline three and half decades after his passing? After all, this was a man who had been ridiculed as a teen for being poor… and for displaying affection for his mother and for daring to be different.  And for relentlessly pursuing his dream.

Just a guess….but don’t you think the words of bullies hurt him, yet he remained a young man unwilling to allow the haters of the world to sidetrack his goals?

No longer am I the teen fearful of not fitting in. I can now admit….I was always, and still am, an Elvis fan.