Chrissy in the Air ~


Be Who You Is,

Cause’ If You Be Who You Ain’t,

Then You Ain’t Who You Is


An Angel, in the form of a three-year old boy, quietly left his grandmothers’ side and stood beside me during Praise & Worship at Bethesda Fellowship (Smyrna, Georgia), this past Sunday. I watched him as he watched the musicians and singers on the platform. He was fascinated with the drummer, I was fascinated with the little angel. I watched him move his arms in near perfect rhythm to the beat of the music,  and I felt as if I were receiving a blessing. After a while, he inched forward a bit, toward the front of the church, then turned and left. Seconds later, he was back….with a stick in each hand, not drumsticks, just sticks he had managed to find. For a long time I watched him , I marveled at his love of music, the drums, realizing this may be his God-given talent. I wondered if he will tap into his gift, nurture it to perfection. Or, if like so many of us, he will focus on other things as he grows older, allowing his gifts and talents to slip away and hide beneath the everyday things of living….school, work, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, movies, video games. I hope not. I breathed a silent prayer over this little fella, I prayed he uses the Gifts God has given him to live a happy and successful life…I truly believe we’ll never feel whole, if we fail to use our gifts and talents.

I know without doubt you were born with something unique and sweet; a special thing God gave you that makes you who you are. Some of us are math geniuses (that one isn’t my gift), others are: singers, dancers, artists, swimmers, runners, actors, problem solvers, ministers, firemen, musicians, beauticians, investigators, farmers, teachers, police officers, scientists, pilots, nurses, moms, dads, grandmas…..

Are you using what God gave you? Have you let it slip away? Do you remember the thing that brought you joy?  What’s stopping you from giving it another try? Why not be who you is? Who you wuz’ meant to be?




Christina Alexandersen, being Who She Is.