Dear Friends,

For several weeks now, I’ve contemplated creating a second blog, a place to express the random things of interest and curiosity (at least to me) that meander through my brain….things unrelated to my first blog. From inception, I understood LFAWW wasn’t suited for everyone…I rated the blog PG for a reason. While most of the articles on LFAWW are simple and harmless, many people  a close friend was turned off by the title and refused to read anything I published there. It occurred to me others may feel the same… At times, this bothered me. I like to write, sometimes I write for a particular audience and sometimes I write for no one in particular. Some things I write will never be read by another soul. Occasionally I write for anyone willing to read. So I found myself pondering a couple of dilemmas:

1. I want to write for several audiences, but I don’t want to give up the topic of my original blog… nor do I want  to change its’ title, as it is closely connected to my upcoming book. 2.  Recently I learned a particular word in the blogs’ title restricts it from posting on various blog sites,  possibly limiting exposure to new readers.

The solution was to create a second blog: Red Clay Ponderings. I won’t promise the articles here will always be free of controversy, but I promise the words will be ‘ear friendly’.

I will continue to blog on LFAWW…. it’s where I write about the other stuff.



The Red Clay of Ladd’s Mountain, Cartersville, Georgia