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August 2012

If You Know Her, You’ve Laughed


In April, I featured my aunt on my other blog (I’ve linked the article below). Today I would like to ask you to pray for her…for Peace and absence of pain… clarity of mind….strength for her husband William and their children and grandchildren. And my mom…the oldest Crawford sibling.

My Madea has been fighting a courageous battle against a silent and venomous enemy…and she has proven herself to be a mighty and fierce Warriorette. But her opposition, our opposition, has called in forces…weakening the body, though not the will, of my sharp-tongued, witty love. This ugly opponent hopes to silence the laughter My Madea fills our lives with. We’re not ready to stop laughing.

Your prayers and kindness mean so much,


And now these things remain: Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is love.  Corinthians 13:13

Partying While Black People Drown


President George W. Bush was responsible for Katrina. If memory serves correctly, W called up the hurricane gods and demanded  they harvest havoc on the city of New Orleans. W was also responsible for the decades of non-existent preventative maintenance on the levees, roads, bridges and dilapidated architectural structures in New Orleans. And the high fuel prices. What? You didn’t know that? Did you know he called FEMA and demanded they delay sending aid to the Big Easy as long as possible? No? It’s true! At least…that’s what I heard.

I believed all POTUS were responsible for hurricanes. Seriously. Didn’t you? W shouldered the burden so well, how could we not believe it?  Enter Isaac. No one has blamed Obama for Isaac. No one has blamed O for the high fuel prices or the power outages or the flooded streets. No one has said a word about O carrying on with his bullcrap…I mean his campaign. Why not?

Mitt Romney wasn’t so lucky. Mitt isn’t President yet and Ann isn’t First Lady,  but according to Yahoo Bureau Chief David Chalian, the Romney’s should behave as if they already have their family photos displayed in the Oval Office. In a video broadcast Monday night by ABC and Yahoo over the Internet, Chalian was heard making bold statements, indicating Romney and his wife are apathetic about the fate of residents of New Orleans.

“They aren’t concerned at all,” Chalian can be heard on the live broadcast. “They are happy to have a party with black people drowning.” Laughter is heard in the background.

So let me get this straight…hurricanes are no longer the responsibility of the incumbent POTUS? That accountability has been transferred to his challenger.

He Had The Look Of A King In His Eyes

By 1977 I no longer called myself an Elvis fan….not publicly, anyway.  The music of Bad Company, Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Eagles, Chicago, Marvin Gaye, Cheap Trick, 38 Special…looped loudly through my 8 Track Player. Yet I could never walk away or turn the dial when the smooth as velvet sound of Elvis’ crooned to me from the local AM station. Something about his voice mesmerized me; his tone was sad and lonely, happy and full of promise; all at once. I had heard that voice my whole life. Even then, in 1977, my dad still played old Elvis LP’s on the home stereo.

Then came August 16, 1977. I remember where I was and what I was doing when I first heard the news.

How could that beautiful voice become forever silent?

Turns out…it wouldn’t. It could not be silenced. Thirty-five years after his death, the voice of Elvis is still heard everyday, around the world. Little children, some who still had unborn parents in 1977, know his name and his music. Who was this man….that he would have that kind of lifeline three and half decades after his passing? After all, this was a man who had been ridiculed as a teen for being poor… and for displaying affection for his mother and for daring to be different.  And for relentlessly pursuing his dream.

Just a guess….but don’t you think the words of bullies hurt him, yet he remained a young man unwilling to allow the haters of the world to sidetrack his goals?

No longer am I the teen fearful of not fitting in. I can now admit….I was always, and still am, an Elvis fan.


Be Who You Is

Chrissy in the Air ~


Be Who You Is,

Cause’ If You Be Who You Ain’t,

Then You Ain’t Who You Is


An Angel, in the form of a three-year old boy, quietly left his grandmothers’ side and stood beside me during Praise & Worship at Bethesda Fellowship (Smyrna, Georgia), this past Sunday. I watched him as he watched the musicians and singers on the platform. He was fascinated with the drummer, I was fascinated with the little angel. I watched him move his arms in near perfect rhythm to the beat of the music,  and I felt as if I were receiving a blessing. After a while, he inched forward a bit, toward the front of the church, then turned and left. Seconds later, he was back….with a stick in each hand, not drumsticks, just sticks he had managed to find. For a long time I watched him , I marveled at his love of music, the drums, realizing this may be his God-given talent. I wondered if he will tap into his gift, nurture it to perfection. Or, if like so many of us, he will focus on other things as he grows older, allowing his gifts and talents to slip away and hide beneath the everyday things of living….school, work, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, movies, video games. I hope not. I breathed a silent prayer over this little fella, I prayed he uses the Gifts God has given him to live a happy and successful life…I truly believe we’ll never feel whole, if we fail to use our gifts and talents.

I know without doubt you were born with something unique and sweet; a special thing God gave you that makes you who you are. Some of us are math geniuses (that one isn’t my gift), others are: singers, dancers, artists, swimmers, runners, actors, problem solvers, ministers, firemen, musicians, beauticians, investigators, farmers, teachers, police officers, scientists, pilots, nurses, moms, dads, grandmas…..

Are you using what God gave you? Have you let it slip away? Do you remember the thing that brought you joy?  What’s stopping you from giving it another try? Why not be who you is? Who you wuz’ meant to be?




Christina Alexandersen, being Who She Is.

LFAWW….Too Heavy for Prime Time Readers

Dear Friends,

For several weeks now, I’ve contemplated creating a second blog, a place to express the random things of interest and curiosity (at least to me) that meander through my brain….things unrelated to my first blog. From inception, I understood LFAWW wasn’t suited for everyone…I rated the blog PG for a reason. While most of the articles on LFAWW are simple and harmless, many people  a close friend was turned off by the title and refused to read anything I published there. It occurred to me others may feel the same… At times, this bothered me. I like to write, sometimes I write for a particular audience and sometimes I write for no one in particular. Some things I write will never be read by another soul. Occasionally I write for anyone willing to read. So I found myself pondering a couple of dilemmas:

1. I want to write for several audiences, but I don’t want to give up the topic of my original blog… nor do I want  to change its’ title, as it is closely connected to my upcoming book. 2.  Recently I learned a particular word in the blogs’ title restricts it from posting on various blog sites,  possibly limiting exposure to new readers.

The solution was to create a second blog: Red Clay Ponderings. I won’t promise the articles here will always be free of controversy, but I promise the words will be ‘ear friendly’.

I will continue to blog on LFAWW…. it’s where I write about the other stuff.



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