Bully in the School Yard

Did you know the old Canton Elementary on Academy Street and the Jones’ Textile Offices in downtown Canton, Georgia are on the National Register of Historic Places as being in the historic section of Canton? And did you know Dr. Frank Petruzielo, of superintendent fame, plans to demolish the school building and or the Jones … Continue reading

Take 10

That dang pimple just wouldn’t leave me be. It would go away after a week or two, I would forget about it… and a few weeks or months later, there it was again. In the same place every time, too. Last January I became a Consultant with Rodan+Fields. I loved the healthy glow and smooth … Continue reading

Sunshine, Lollypops and Sunscreen

The summer of 68 I took on a terrible sunburn. I was still a couple of years away from being a decade old, my skin still tender. Up until then, I had never blistered from the sun. I had been born with a complexion slightly tanned, so sunburns were never a worry. I don’t think … Continue reading

Flip Flops & Cut-Off Jeans

Flip Flops & Cut-Off Jeans

Discount shades, store bought baby oil tan, flip-flops and cut-off jeans….. It’s a lyric from a song, but it nearly describes the summer of my seventeenth year. I just have to change up a few words, to make it fit. I heard that song yesterday and it took me back to the green, shaded hills … Continue reading

Little Refuge

Every now and then, we all need a little refuge from the hectic pace of life. We need a quiet place we can go to, a place where our busy minds can take a little rest. Several months ago, a friend took me to his special place, a place he goes when, he said, he … Continue reading

We Are Family

When I went to work for Delta, other employees said to me, “the airline gets in your blood”. It didn’t take long to understand what they were talking about. The airline becomes your Professional Family; co-workers become your extended family and some become close friends. I’ve been away from Delta for a few years now, … Continue reading

Scott Hamilton‘s Faith

Originally posted on Beyond the Pale:
I don’t like dance—I know, I know, I’m a cultural Philistine, but I’m unrepentant about it. The day my eldest chose to quit ballet in favor of horse riding I rejoiced knowing that I had escaped years of agonizing recitals. But I have two girls and my amnesty is…

Hey Baby!

I blame SnowJam2014, boredom and a mullett, for my brief foray into the mystifying world of online dating. I’ve just never been curious or brave/interested enough to give dating sites a try. I mean, looking at a stranger’s photo, reading a (most likely fake) profile, and then meeting the person behind the photo/fakeprofile in a … Continue reading


Today we honored the life of my sweet Uncle Jake. You would have to have known him to really understand how truly wonderful he was. Words just can’t describe what it was like to be in his life. I know…because I attempted, and fell short. Below is a letter I wrote on behalf of his … Continue reading